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Larsen Machines

Cans with Handles for Comfortable Transport

My kingdom for a handle!

Carrying a 10 kg can of paint can be a challenge. Cans containing paint, varnish or other heavy contents are a lot more comfortable to transport if they have handles.
Larsen Can Technology GmbH develops and produces efficient machines for equipping cans with handles. Founded in 1919, the company, which is of Danish origin, has been making machines to produce cans, pails and canisters since the 1960's.
In 2012 this product range was taken over by Klinghammer, which has its headquarters in Braunschweig. The Larsen machines, now made in Braunschweig, weld ears onto cans, which are still an essential means of packaging. Steel or plastic handles are then attached to these ears. The product range also includes machines for welding brackets for wire or plastic handles onto canister lids.
Die Larsen-Maschinen, die nun in Braunschweig hergestellt werden, versehen die Dose, die als Verpackung unentbehrlich ist, mit angeschweißten Ösen, an denen Stahl- oder Kunststoffhenkel angebracht werden. Es sind auch Maschinen zum Anschweißen von Beschlägen für Draht- oder Kunststoffgriffe auf Kanisterdeckel verfügbar.
Both automatic and semi-automatic machines are available, which vary in output.

Klinghammer Group GmbH
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