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Partner Program
For the convenience of our customers we offer the Partner Program. Klinghammer Can Technology has designed a package for its customers that is something to be proud of: priority processing, important previews, special offers, permanent storage of customised spare parts, generous credit entries, and generous payment conditions such as 5 % discount on all orders.
  • Business Partner
  • Premium Partner
  • Premium Star Partner

Business Partner
The complete carefree package for Larsen customers - free! Larsen Can Technology has designed an attractive package for its customers: priority processing, important previews, and special offers.


  • all-year-long access to the know-how-database at 50 % discount
  • free hotline access for 3 requests per year
  • priority fax and email information on special offers for spare parts
  • reduced minimum order sucharge from 250 to 125 €

Premium Partner
A Premium package for Premium customers! In addition to the basic conditions of the Business Partner package, the Premium Partner package for premium customers includes an extended all-inclusive service package: customised spare parts permanently in stock, generous credit entries and payment conditions.


  • all benefits of the Business Partner package
  • all-year-long access to the know-how-database free of charge
  • free hotline access for another 3 requests per year
  • no minimum order surcharge
  • customised spare parts permanently in stock
  • generous credit entries after a certain turnover
  • payment: 2 % cash discount within 10 days of payment or net price within 30 days.

Premium Star Partner
Great customers receive great conditions! In addition to the basic conditions of the Premium Partner package, Premium Star Partners receive great conditions under the Premium Star Partner package: 5 % discount is granted on all orders.


  • all benefits of Premium Partner Program
  • permanent discount of 5 % on all orders