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The process of canmaking is a very complex procedure. This is why companies focus on certain segments of the process. Such differentiation makes room for a high level of specialisation to meet the increasing demands on quality. This allows Bertil Ohlsson to offer maximum flexibility to serve customers' requirements. The establishment of the "We Can" multi-project enables the customer to buy his equipment from one source. Our customer can rely on the same contact person and optimal project management when putting together his production line. Bertil Ohlsson co-operates with several leading companies in the canmaking sector assuring high quality customer investments for the future.
flanging, seaming, beading

Process of
coil cutting  
coating, printing, drying  
bottom, top production  
sheet cutting FreiLanghans
welding Can ManSabatec
side stripe lacquering Frei
expanding Bertil Ohlsson
flanging, seaming, beading Klinghammer
ear welding, bailing Larsen
transport, palletising Canline