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Automatic ear welding and bailing machine BHP 43-T und BHP 43-K


For automatic attaching of plastic handles to metal cans (handle from coil) by means of ears type 5.3.

machine speed: up to 70 cans/min.

can dimensions: 2,5 ltr. resp. 5 ltr., other dimensions of inquiry

system features and advantages:

  • automatic feed of the plastic strip from coil, cutting to length, stamping of the holes on both sides and forming of the handle
  • BHP-43-T: ear is automatically welded through the stamped round holes of the handle
  • BHP-43-K: handles with stamped "key holes" on both sides is automatically drawn onto the already welded ears

Further information is available for this machine (leaflet, photos and video). Please contact us at if you are interested.